February 15, 2010

Synthese v.173, No. 1, 2010

My special issue of Synthese, Knowability and Beyond, is now available in its entirety online. Highlights include three papers, indeed the only papers i know of, that embrace and modify Edgington's 1985 rigidifying stategy for dealing with the knowability paradox. This makes me happy since i was unable to acquire an adequate representation of her influential work in my Oxford volume. Also therein you'll find a continuation of the debate between Tennant and Williamson on whether there is a knowability paradox for Cartesian restricted knowability principles, and Michael Fara's long awaited paper on the distinction between knowability and the capacity to know. And there are other great papers by Kvanvig, Hand, Routley (reprint), and Proietti and Sandu.