April 11, 2008

Madison Epistemology

Couple great epistemology conferences approaching in Madison:

Wisconsin Epistemology Workshop is taking place on the UW-Madison campus May 3-4, featuring Earl Conee, Richard Feldman, Ernie Sosa, Alvin Goldman, Timothy Williamson, and (as commentator) Jim Pryor. This conference is organized by Juan Comesana, and is sponsored by The Anonymous Fund and the Berent Enc fund of the UW-Madison Philosophy Department.

The Fifth Annual Formal Epistemology Workshop takes place on the UW-Madison campus May 15-18. The workshop is sponsored by the Philosophy Departments at UW-Madison, Berkeley, UT-Austin, and Carnegie Mellon.

[HT: Sandy Goldberg]

April 07, 2008

Knowability and Beyond

My issue of Synthese is now finalized. I've included below the contents and a link to my introduction. I expect it to go into production in the near future.

SYNTHESE: Knowability and Beyond

  • Editor's Introduction
  • "Williamson's Woes" Neil Tennant (OSU)
  • "Antirealism and Universal Knowability" Michael Hand (Texas A&M)
  • "Possible Knowledge of Unknown Truth" Dorothy Edgington (Oxford)
  • "Knowability and the Capacity to Know" Michael Fara (Princeton)
  • "Fitch's Paradox and Ceteris Paribus Modalities" Carlo Proietti (Paris) and Gabriel Sandu (Paris)
  • "The Incarnation and the Knowability Paradox" Jonathan Kvanvig (Baylor)
  • "Necessary Limits to Knowledge: Unknowable Truths" Richard Routley Sylvan (ANU) [REPRINT]