March 04, 2007

Copenhagen Riots

Photo by: Kristian Linnemann
A third day of rioting in Copenhagen after police repelled from helicopters, and stormed a youth center to remove its occupants. The occupants were squatters (or "left-wing activists" to use BBC's term of endearment) that have been using the building as a youth center (called Ungdomshuset) since 1982.

Photo by: Kristian Linnemann

The Christian group (Faderhuset) purchased the building in 2000 and have a court order for the eviction. The occupants vow never to leave and claim that the city had no right to sell the building while it was in use.

Protests continue throughout the city. Sympathizers protested in Germany, Sweden, Norway and Austria. The violence began in Copenhagen last December during a protest against the eviction plan.

Websites like the Anarchist Black Cross inform protesters of their rights. (Some sections in English.) An article by Indymedia about the December violence can be found here.

Safia reports from Copenhagen. Outstanding photography here.

Photo by: Safia

Left: (Danish embassy in Budapest, March 2)

[UPDATE: Videos moved here.]

[UPDATE: Protests Continued Sunday, some peaceful.]
[UPDATE March 10: Anarchist sightings and arrests, but things seem to have calmed down.]

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