June 28, 2007

Reasoner 1(3)

The third issue of the Reasoner just hit the e-stands. Here's the TOC:

"Pierre May be Ignorant but He's Not Irrational"
Jesse Steinberg (UC-Riverside)

"Free Will and Lucky Decisions"
Gerald Harrison (University of Bath)

"United States v. Shonubi: Statistical Evidence and 'The Same Course of Conduct' Rule"
Amit Pundik (Law, University of Oxford)

"Williamson on Counterpossibles"
Brit Brogaard (University of Missouri)
Joe Salerno (St Louis University)

"Mathematical Blogging"
David Cornfield (Max Planck Institute, Tübingen)

"Does Direct Inference Require Pollock's Principle of Agreement?"
Stephen Fogdall (Schnader Harrison Segal and Lewis LLP)

"The Pirahã Language, the Language Template, and the Mind"
William Abler (Geology, The Field Museum)

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