February 15, 2008

Epistemology at the Beach

Epistemology at the Beach is a workshop this weekend hosted by Dave Chalmers' Centre for Consciousness and Daniel Stoljar's Basic Knowledge grant and organized by Declan Smithies. The location is the ANU Coastal Campus. I'll try to blog the event.

Participants: Jonathan Schaffer, Patrick Greenough, Berit Brogaard, Joe Salerno, Brent Madison, Yuri Cath, Wolfgang Schwartz, Declan Smithies, Daniel Star, David Chalmers, Stephen Hetherington, Daniel Stoljar, Susanna Schellenberg, David Bourget, Aisling Crean, JC Bjerring, John Cusbert, Holly Lawford-Smith, Masafumi Matsumoto, Doug Edwards, Federico Luzzi, Paul Dimmock, Grant Reaber, Fiona MacPherson and Stuart X.


Patrick Greenough: Assertion, Knowledge and Certainty
Joe Salerno: Must and Can


Yuri Cath: Knowing How Without Knowing That
Brent Madison: Causation and the Epistemic Basing Relation
Stephen Hetherington: Gettiered Knowledge
Declan Smithies: Critical Reflection and Epistemic Responsibility
David Chalmers: Knowability and Scrutability


Daniel Star: Reasons: Explanations or Evidence?
Berit Brogaard: On the Knowledge Argument
Wolfgang Schwartz: I’m Certain That I Went By The Mountains
Jonathan Schaffer: The Debasing Demon

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