April 07, 2008

Knowability and Beyond

My issue of Synthese is now finalized. I've included below the contents and a link to my introduction. I expect it to go into production in the near future.

SYNTHESE: Knowability and Beyond

  • Editor's Introduction
  • "Williamson's Woes" Neil Tennant (OSU)
  • "Antirealism and Universal Knowability" Michael Hand (Texas A&M)
  • "Possible Knowledge of Unknown Truth" Dorothy Edgington (Oxford)
  • "Knowability and the Capacity to Know" Michael Fara (Princeton)
  • "Fitch's Paradox and Ceteris Paribus Modalities" Carlo Proietti (Paris) and Gabriel Sandu (Paris)
  • "The Incarnation and the Knowability Paradox" Jonathan Kvanvig (Baylor)
  • "Necessary Limits to Knowledge: Unknowable Truths" Richard Routley Sylvan (ANU) [REPRINT]

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Im from Melbourne.
Please check out this reference which desribes the origins & consequences of the perceptual and cultural straight-jacket in which we are all trapped.


And if you anywhere near Florence in the next 4 months go and have a geek.