October 19, 2009

Editorial Updates

Thanks to those of you still staying tuned to Knowability. Hope to get back to posting some philosophy in the near future. For now two pieces of news that i'm happy to report.

My special issue of Synthese, Knowability and Beyond, is slowing becoming available online as the authors get their proofs back to the publisher. Here's my introduction. Also currently available from the issue is Michael Hand's paper, "Anti-realism and Universal Knowability", which utilizes the typically overlooked difference between pragmatic and non-pragmatic reasons for the unperformability of a proof.

Also, New Essays on the Knowability Paradox, became available in August. That project was a labor of love, taking 6 years to get to print. It includes Alonzo Church's two referee reports on Fitch's 1945 paper regarding Fitch's counterfactual definition of value, and includes the first two formulations of the knowability paradox. The volume includes a reprint of Fitch's 1963 paper, where the result was first published, and 19 new essays covering various aspects of the discussion.

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