July 21, 2007

Oswald was Indeed CIA!

I just stumbled on a couple of interesting declassified documents floating around the internet, and I couldn't resist sharing them with my readers. The first was written by the director of the CIA in 1964 and asserts that Lee (Harvey) Oswald did recon for the agency in the late 50s and reveals in the last paragraph that Oswald's famous 1959 "defection" to Russia was an agency assignment. Oh, that's nice. So when exactly was Oswald NOT on assignment?

The second document includes an attached 1947 memo that links Oswald's assassin Jack Ruby (formerly, Jack Rubenstein) to Congressman Richard Nixon as an informant of some sort. WTF?

Don't know when these docs were declassified or even if they are authentic, but here they are.

UPDATE: Here's a blog devoted to questions about the authenticity of the first document, also known as the McCone-Rowley Document.


Kevin said...

Joe, -- I would like to know where you found these documents. One has to be very careful in situations like this. I am suspicious. By the way, congrats on your 1-year blogiversary and congrats also on the Australia gig. Watch out for the dingos.

Kevin at Civil War Memory: www.civilwarmemory.typepad.com

Anonymous said...

It's important to note that in addition to the source one should also be aware of the context of the information. Your previous commentor, Kevin Levin, is an example of misinforming readers through a lack of context around the American Civil War. Specifically, he doesn't focus on racial issues in a broad enough regional context and that reveals his hypocrisy and political agenda toward the American South.